We at PRESIDIO have structured our services in three major categories:


  • software development and software engineering services
  • provision of cloud computing services
  • consulting in the areas of business process management, IT and cloud strategy, compliance, and governance



Software Development and Software Engineering

Our software developers master a variety of technologies, starting from PHP and SQL, going through Java and Ruby-on-Rails, and ranging to big data topics such as Hadoop and data warehousing.

Our adherence to best practices in the areas of software engineering tools and proceeses allows us to complete highly complex and challenging projects on time and within budget.

Cloud Computing Services

Our experience with cloud computing since 2007 includes the design, implementation and roll-out of Amazon EC2-based infrastructures for various in-house and customer-offered applications and processing services. Furthermore, we have unique experience in the integration of existing cloud services to offer composed or aggregated services.

Consulting Services

Our unique insights from the areas of software development and cloud computing allow us to provide highly respected consulting in these areas, and also in the areas of business process management, corporate strategy development and implementation, as well as compliance and governance in these areas.