PRESIDIO is a leading provider of information services operating world-wide. We are committed to provide innovative products and services while maintaining rigorous compliance and governance standards.

Unique Expertise in Trusted Cloud Computing

PRESIDIO stands out among other service providers because of the impressive expertise we provide to our partners and customers. This expertise allows us to quickly develop sophisticated solutions for even the most demanding scenarios. Moreover, our standards-based software development and our reliance on service-oriented architectures allow our systems to grow to meet the unique needs of any organization. Furthermore, our partnerships with infrastructure providers world-wide allow us to scale solutions in the most suitable way to support the growth of our customers. During the course of the last twenty years, we have created over 100 different solutions, including

  • global, multi-language enterprise solutions
  • distributed content and service delivery networks
  • corporate web portals and intranets
  • testbeds for complex research applications
  • enterprise applications
  • full-featured eCommerce sites

Dedicated to Open Standards

Our dedication to open and reliable standards assures the long-term viability and maintainability of our solutions.


The idea to connect emerging economies with more mature markets was part of our mission for more than 80 years. 

Going through phases of industrial production of telecommunications equipment and engineering of specific solutions, our priorities moved towards power distribution solutions and software-based solutions by 2005.

With the emerging of cloud computing we focused on providing value-added services in this context.

To reflect this strategic shift, at the end of 2012 our operations were reorganized and rebranded under the brand of PRESIDIO.